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Take your digital collection to the next level!

Step into 247 Comics and be part of the next evolution in collecting. 247 Comics is producing original stories and characters unlocking premium digital collectibles, comics and art works PLUS ownership rights.

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The Future of Fandom in your Collection
Discover new stories and great art through our 247 Comics Original or Crossover drops. These drops will include, but are not limited to, character avatars, comic books, and 1-of-1 artist editions featuring brand-new characters by your favorite creators. Share, trade, or commercialize your digital characters brought to you by your favorite world-class creators.
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Be part of the 247 Comics Origin Story
Join the creators behind world-class brands like Marvel, DC, Disney, Magic: the Gathering, and Star Wars to build the next generation of pop culture franchises!
Be on the ground floor of 247 Comics story building where you can interact with the 247 Comics Creative Team, build stories and art around your collection, and even have the chance to have your character take part in the main storyline.
Join the 247 Comics Community
You get to be part of a global community of collectors and independent creators who share your passion. You can chat and interact with other members, talk about what you're loving and creating, check out each other's digital collections, and influence 247 Comics stories.
But that's not all - with 247 Comics we want to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit. Build your character roster and be part of our community owned content studio!
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