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MISSION:  Utilizing technology to revolutionize the experience of reading and collecting comic books and graphic novels while providing unparalleled partnership-publishing models to the industry’s top talent.

VISION:  To democratize the future of independent comic book storytelling with a shared publishing platform and content studio with the collective values of our creators and readership community reflected in everything we produce.

GOLD STANDARD:  247 Comics is defined by the worlds we unlock with the content we produce, giving you direct access to the most talented storytellers working in the industry today. Familiar faces and new voices will deliver their best ideas and the highest standard of sequential storytelling to both your bookshelf and wallet.

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CREATOR LED:  Independent creators are at the center of our studio, leading the way into this new era of decentralized creativity. These talented individuals and teams will inspire everyone involved in 247 Comics to amplify their work, and form a collective voice in pop culture and fandom.

COLLABORATION:  Firmly rooted in a culture of collaboration and community, 247 Comics will provide access to anyone and everyone - leveraging digital collectables and their unparalleled potential, to lead the new economy of intellectual property, benefitting independent creators and collectors alike.


Connected through a collective passion for art and story, you're invited to join a growing community of comic book fans, pop culture and digital art collectors. 247 Comics represents an ever-expanding network of cultural connoisseurs and visionary leaders, as well as trendsetters and tastemakers in technology. Together we’ll leverage a collective passion for storytelling and unique artistic vision to drive and expand the market for the assets of our studio and community.

Through our ownership model, the success of each new franchise will be determined by our collectors, who can directly participate in the growth and expansion of our studio’s impact on the overall world of entertainment in all its forms.

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Blockchain has emerged as one of the most important and revolutionary discoveries of the 21st-century, a paradigm shift towards decentralization and democratization of art and commerce. While much has yet to be defined, the impact of this revolutionary technology remains undeniable in driving conversation among investors, influencers, and casual speculators around the globe.

From Digital Collectables to the Bookshelf

A love of printed comic books and graphic novels is not something we aim to replace, but rather to expand upon. The tangibility of a well-worn copy of your favorite volume or a display copy of a key issue from your collection is a shared experience for every comic book fan young and old.

While our belief is that Digital collectables can unlock new and exciting possibilities for every aspect of the collecting and reading experience, we want to ensure that anyone and everyone will find us on the shelves of their favorite comic shop or bookstore.

247 Comics will experiment with formats to guarantee that our print editions feel every bit as innovative and premium as their initial collectible format, while remaining familiar and faithful to the rich history of traditional comic book publishing.

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Bridging Worlds

247 Comics is more than just a content studio - it’s a bridge between the familiar and the fantastic.

BRIDGING ERAS: Comics have a rich printed history which represents nearly 100 years in defining pop culture. We hope to build upon this lineage as we push forward into uncharted territory for the medium, while staying true to what makes sequential storytelling so special.

BRIDGING BUSINESS MODELS: Through partnerships and collaborations, we empower all parties involved, bringing an unmatched innovation to traditional royalty structures and IP rights management.

BRIDGING GENERATIONS: We will produce and publish new ideas from independent creators who have contributed to the most widely known and loved comic franchises of all time, while also opening the door to the new voices in the comic book industry, who will shape the next generation of pop culture.


We are partnering with those who share our principles, values, and align with our vision for what digital collectables can become. In this vast new landscape, we do not claim to know it all - but we do know the power of fostering a dedicated community inspired to innovate with us.

From onboarding a traditional brand into the world of digital collectables, or identifying which companies support the wants / needs of our community, to bringing additional utility for all collectors - we are here to work with those who want to build a more equitable future together.

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